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At HEALING TOURS, it is our vision to take good health to the world. A mission that big will be possible only through partnerships with people equally passionate about what they do. Hence we are looking for health partners from around the globe, to help us spread our passion.
A venture in the field of medical tourism is built on trust and goodwill. It is our endeavor to build a strong team of affiliates from across the world for promoting our services in various markets. We are looking out for the following categories.

  • Clinics & small hospitals with no tertiary care can utilize our network of hospitals as referral hospitals to which they can refer their patients for bigger medical contingencies.
  • Hospitals, doctors, clinics, a medical professional who can refer their patients for Ayurvedic treatments in critical care in orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, stress management, detoxification(Areas not related to their domain).
  • Individual doctors, who were till now referring their patients to other hospitals in their region.
  • Tour operators, Travel agents, Pharmacies, medical distributors etc.
  • People working in the hospital, the medical industry that has contact with patients looking for alternative treatment like Ayurveda or are looking for a different location.
  • Anyone who is working freelance, and can promote our services in your market.