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Healing Tours

Duties and Obligations of Healing Tours (HT)

  • HT shall ensure procurement of complete health details of the patient and forward the same to the said Hospital(s) to facilitate informed decision making by the doctors/medical service professionals based on the patient’s condition.
  • It shall be the sole responsibility of HT to assist procurement of local approvals/ permits /Visas in India for sending the patient as also his return to the hometown.
  • Before transporting the patient to the said Hospitals in India, it shall be the responsibility of HT to obtain a commitment letter favouring the Partner Hospital from the patient confirming that in the event of cross-referral or additional diagnostic or treatment facility
    availed by the patient, the patient will pay the said Hospital the expenses thereof before leaving the said Hospital in India.
  • HT shall ensure that the Patients referred are covered sufficiently under insurance and the patient shall be solely responsible for the same.
  • HT shall ensure that the patient(s) and accomplice abide by all rules and regulations of the said Hospital(s) and also do not infringe any laws of India during the period of treatment.